Ways to Give

“You are helping us make a difference one person at a time and helping our community by getting people off the streets.” ~Chad McComas, Executive Director

Help Support Our Supportive Services and Outreach

Each night Rogue Retreat houses and shelters over 300 people. At the center of each facility is our Supportive Services. This has been called our Secret Sauce by some of our funders and we believe that to be true. Rogue Retreat was never called to warehouse people. Rogue Retreat was called to help people restore their lives and move forward out of homelessness.

Without supporters like you, our work would not be possible. Over 300 people each night would go without housing and shelter. Please support our services today by making a gift.

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Kelly Shelter Expansion

Rogue Retreat needs your support to help us expand The Kelly Shelter to 64 permanent beds. The Kelly Shelter currently has 54 beds within and 10 temporary beds in the covered portion of the back parking lot. We are working to remodel the inside of the shelter to help make these beds permanent and help bring 10 more people in from the cold. Help us raise the needed $40,000.00 to help make these beds a permanent reality for our community.

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Sponsor a Tiny House for Heart Village

Heart Village is a joint temporary housing partnership between Addictions Recovery Center, Inc. (ARC) and Rogue Retreat. This initiative will establish a tiny house village on ARC’s West Main campus similar to Hope Village that Rogue Retreat opened in 2017. It will provide short term transitional shelter and case management for individuals to help move from homelessness and ultimately into long term housing, while also providing them ease of access to ARC’s substance use disorder treatment and recovery support services. Help Rogue Retreat and Addictions Recovery Center by sponsoring a Tiny House for Heart Village. The cost for each unit is $10,000.00 and every donation counts. Please make a donation and help make Heart Village a reality.

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Sponsor a Pallet Shelter for the Urban Campground

Winter is coming and our community is in need of more shelter opportunities for our homeless. Pallet graciously donated 10 Pallet Shelters to the Urban Campground, and they are working so well for those we serve that we are hoping to get more of these shelters to help protect our medically vulnerable and homeless.  Each one of these units costs $6,800.00 and takes about 45 minutes to assemble, and each unit is equipped with a power panel that controls a small heater, electrical outlets, and lighting. Each unit also has a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher, and an emergency exit.  These are by no means permanent solutions to homelessness, but they sure do make sense to help provide pressure relief on our communities.

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