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Published on May 2, 2019

The Rogue Retreat Board of Directors and staff met in September to dream and strategize the immediate (3-5 years) future for Rogue Retreat’s work and service to the community.
It was clear there need to be more beds and opportunities to give hope and service to the homeless. There need to be more income streams. Case management work, our “secret sauce,” needs to continue to grow in excellence. Rogue Retreat must continue to be a voice for homeless education and policy creation to find solutions for the homeless crisis in our country.
The final outcome of the strategy process was to focus on creating a full-time transitional shelter in Medford thus expanding the great work of The Kelly Shelter; create another Hope Village in a neighboring community and plan for more permanent housing options.
Work has already begun on this. Our board has identified a potential site for a full-time shelter, two neighboring communities are asking us to come create a tiny house village and we are dreaming of a more permanent village where homeless people can call home and never have to move.
But none of this happens without you! You are our hero. Your generous support and encouragement will make 2019 a year to remember with more homeless finding Hope and help to leave homelessness behind.