Talent Gateway Transitional Housing Project

The Gateway Transitional Project will have 53 two-bedroom camper trailers. The trailers are specifically designated for families in the Phoenix-Talent School District who lost their homes in the Almeda Fire.

This project also includes collaborations with many local and regional partners, including but not limited to the Urban Renewal Agency of Talent, Phoenix-Talent School District, Talent Maker City, Rogue Retreat, the Talent Public Arts Committee, the Talent Urban Forestry Committee, and the Talent Planning Commission. 

Rogue Retreat will provide site management and supportive services for families recovering from the Almeda Fire last September. The 53 sites are expected to be operational by early November.



Apply To The Talent Gateway

  1. Download the application
  2. Fill it out in its entirety
  3. Submit the completed application to Rogue Retreat

Download the Talent Gateway Application in English


  1. Descargar la aplicación
  2. Rellénalo en su totalidad
  3. Envíe la solicitud completa a Rogue Retreat

Descargue la aplicación Talent Gateway en español


How to submit:

You can submit the application to Rogue Retreat by email, mail, or in person.

Email: Office@RogueRetreat.org
Address: 711 E. Main St. #25, Medford, Oregon 97504
Office hours: 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday

For assistance to help fill out the application you may contact:

Talent Gateway Transitional Housing Project Site Map

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the criteria to be selected for housing on the Gateway Site?

Selection priority will be provided to families with students within the Phoenix-Talent School District who lost their housing from the Alameda fire. 


How will families be contacted about housing?

Rogue Retreat will oversee the application process for future site residents. The application will be accessible on Rogue Retreat’s website (https://www.rogueretreat.org/). Rogue Retreat will coordinate with key partners including the Phoenix-Talent School District, Oregon Department of Human Services to raise awareness of the application. 


When will housing be available to move in?

The temporary accommodation trailers are expected to arrive on-site in October and November. Following the arrival of the trailers, Rogue Retreat will oversee and schedule the arrival of families into the housing following Veterans Day weekend with the goal to have all families selected into housing on-site before Christmas.


Will there be case management support for the families?

Yes, Rogue Retreat will be providing support to the families through the transition.


Is there rent or a fee to live on the Gateway Site if selected? 

Rogue Retreat will collect a participation fee for residents to live on the Site. The participation fee includes utilities and weekly support from a case manager.  The participation fee will be based on the income of the applicant that is applying to reside on the site. 


How much are utilities estimated to cost? 

Utilities are included in the participation fee charged by Rogue Retreat. The Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Talent, which owns the Gateway Site, has received grant funding to offset utilities from Rogue Climate and the United Medford Church of Christ.


Is there sewage service for the trailers?

The RVs will be connected directly to the sewer system. 


How many parking spaces are available on each trailer site? 

There is room for two parking vehicles on each RV trailer site.


Can future residents park their current RV trailers on-site?

No, residents may not park their current RV trailers on-site. 


Will Rogue Food Unites deliver food onsite? 

Rogue Retreat, Oregon’s Department of Human Services, Oregon’s Housing and Community Services, and Phoenix-Talent School District will continue to partner with nonprofit organizations, food banks, and other philanthropic organizations to ensure services are provided to all residents on-site. 


Can residents have pets onsite?

Rogue Retreat will outline the terms and conditions of accommodation within their temporary accommodation agreements with residents selected to reside on the site. 


Is storage outside the trailer allowed?

Rogue Retreat will outline the terms and conditions of accommodation within their temporary accommodation agreements with residents selected to reside on the site. 


How long are families allowed to reside on the Gateway Site? 

The Temporary Emergency Accommodations Permit from the City of Talent for the Site expires in March of 2023. 


Are non-fire survivors allowed?

In accordance with the Lease Agreement between the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Talent and Rogue Retreat, “Rogue Retreat shall be responsible for implementing the Gateway Transitional RV Park on the Premises with the specific purpose of providing temporary shelter to persons who cannot locate safe and affordable permanent housing and are otherwise homeless. Rogue Retreat shall also provide case management services and assistance to find safe, affordable, permanent housing. Program participation shall be prioritized for families and individuals whose homes in Phoenix and Talent, Oregon, were destroyed by the Alameda fire of September 2020. Lessee shall work with the Phoenix-Talent School District staff to identify and obtain program participants to fill all spaces within the RV Park. All reasonable efforts will be made to fill any vacancies with this priority population. If, after exhausting all efforts, no priority population tenants can be found, the Lessee is allowed to use its discretion to fill the vacant RV spaces with other low income and vulnerable populations.”