Hope Village

Hope Village is Southern Oregon’s first and model “gated” tiny house community for homeless men, women, and couples.

Hope Village was a dream of Rogue Retreat, St. Vincent DePaul and the Jackson County Homeless Taskforce. In 2013 this team began researching, gathering data, and visiting other villages in Oregon to find creative ways to serve the homeless in Jackson County. The first tiny house community in Southern Oregon, Hope Village opened its doors on October 31, 2017. More than 250 participants have gone through the Hope Village program in the first three years.

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What Is Hope Village?

Hope Village is a transitional supportive housing program for homeless men, women, and couples in a community setting of attractive, well designed and insulated tiny house duplex units and shared facilities. Shared facilities include a kitchen trailer, a restroom and shower trailer, laundry room, a community center, a park area, a dog park to care for their service animals, and a vegetable garden. The village is safe, sanitary, gated and supervised by on-site staff and an overnight camp host. Daily village chores and weekly house inspections teach them how to care for their living unit and become good future tenants and neighbors.

How Does Hope Village Work?

Village participants are required to meet weekly with their case manager to help empower them to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness and help them work on permanent ways to get off the streets, address their individual barriers and transition back into society. Case managers assist the participants to identify short term and long term goals, obtain vital identification documents, sign up for food assistance and health insurance, and seek medical, mental health or substance use treatment when and if necessary. Participants complete or further their education, seek employment or other stable source of income, address any legal issues and find a more permanent housing solution. 60% of Hope Village participants transition to a more positive outcome. For some, that is residential treatment, or reuniting with family. For some it is moving up to a Rogue Retreat apartment or available community rental. Rogue Retreat restores lives.

Village Concept

The Village concept is based upon Village residents having private space in their tiny house combined with a mix of shared community space that fosters both independence and the companionship and mutual-aid of others within the Village. Rogue Retreat has created Hope Village through using the best practices of other tiny house communities and blended it with the case management structure from Rogue Retreat’s other programs. As a result, Hope Village is proving to have increased stability in comparison to other homeless tiny house programs. We believe that Rogue Retreat’s Community Village Model will improve and strengthen a growing network of homeless supportive housing/shelter providers across the State of Oregon and beyond.

Where Is Hope Village?

Hope Village is located on City of Medford owned property and privately owned land adjacent to the Medford City Operations Facilities at the corner of North Columbus and West McAndrews Road. Entrance is at 728 W McAndrews.

Can I Visit Hope Village?

Hope Village is a private, gated home for those living there. Visitation is only by personal invitation of a Hope Village participant or a scheduled tour through the Rogue Retreat main office.

How Can I Support Hope Village?

Like any community there are monthly expenses to operate Hope Village. Each participant pays a monthly participation fee to contribute to these costs. You can help by becoming a “180 Club” donor to support participants in their 180 “Turn Around” in life for only $25 per month. That amount covers the cost of shelter and case management for one participant for one night. Donations of essential items like hygiene products and paper products (plates, cups, bowls, towels and toilet paper) are also gladly accepted.

Mail donations to: Rogue Retreat (Note: Hope Village) 711 E. Main St. #25 Medford, OR 97504

Amazon Wishlist

Donating Wishlist items is easier than ever due to the newly created Hope Village Amazon Wishlist! Your purchases can be shipped directly to Rogue Retreat. 

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