Winter Shelters 101

3-Week Teleconference Course

Winter Shelters 101

3-Week Teleconference Course Starts Thurs, Oct 31 (10 am)

Discover “How to Launch Your Own Winter Shelter for the Homeless in Your Community.” The 3-week teleconference course starts Thursday, October 31 at 10 am. Meet by phone at 10 am on three consecutive Thursdays: Oct 31, Nov 7 and Nov 14. If you are unable to attend any of the three (3) teleconference calls, no worries. All calls will be recorded. Recordings will be available within 24-48 hours. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive call-in logistics for the 3-week teleconference, handouts and more! 

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During the winter months when temperatures fall to freezing or below, some communities are developing short-term, emergency winter weather shelter programs that provide temporary housing for homeless persons when weather conditions pose a substantial threat to life or health. Winter Shelters 101 covers the most important issues for communities to address and how to turn problems into opportunities for creative partnerships.

TOPICS: Winter Shelters 101 3-Week Teleconference Course

Starts Thurs, Oct 31 – 10 am

In this timely course, you will discover…

Session 1 – Thurs, Oct 31 – 10 am

Session 2 – Thurs, Nov 7 – 10 am

Session 3 – Thurs, Nov 14 – 10 am

Kelly Shelter

You’ll discover lessons learned in the Kelly Shelter by Rogue Retreat! Guests apply for the winter shelter program and once accepted are allowed to stay for the shelter season which used to last from January 1 to March 31. The Kelly Shelter will be transitioning into a year-round shelter very soon. It provides an opportunity for Rogue Retreat case management staff to meet daily with homeless men, women and families to help them work on permanent ways to get off the streets, address their individual barriers and transition them back into society. This will be accomplished through providing safe and stable shelter in a small community of around 50 person’s sheltered per night. Often our guests work in the Clean Sweep by Rogue Retreat program.

Winter Shelters 101 3-Week Teleconference Course Starts Thurs, Oct 31 (10 am)

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