Urban Campground 101

Explore the Impact of Recent Rulings vs. Grants Pass & Boise on Oregon & Western States & Emerging Urban Campground Solutions to Homelessness in this Timely Course

Urban Campground 101

2-Part, 176-Minute AudioCourse with 9 Guest Speakers





On July 22, 2020, Magistrate Judge Mark D. Clarke in the District of Oregon struck down ordinances in Grants Pass, Oregon, that ban camping in parks and bar people caught sleeping there from coming back. 

While the 2020 Blake vs. Grants Pass ruling has persuasive authority in Oregon, the 2018 Martin vs. Boise judgement has binding authority for All Western States in the Ninth Circuit. In 2019, the Supreme Court declined to accept the appeal of the Ninth Circuit decision.

Clarke wrote that he “encouraged the city to begin ‘thinking outside the box’ and find ways to reduce homelessness in Grants Pass, which has some of the least affordable housing in the Pacific Northwest.” (source: Daily Curier)

“Arresting the homeless is almost never an adequate solution because, apart from the constitutional impediments, it is expensive, not rehabilitating, often a waste of limited public resources, and does nothing to serve those homeless individuals who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse addiction,” Clarke said. (Source: The Oregonian)

With the successes of its Urban Campground, Livability Team, Hope Village and Clean Sweep programs, among others, the community of Medford (Southern Oregon) is definitely thinking outside the box with creative solutions to its homeless problem. In Urban Campground 101, you will learn these legal rulings and explore economic and other reasons why “statutes prohibiting sleeping outside” do not really work. 

Walter Fonseca and Ed Johnson with the Oregon Law Center will start us off with a better understanding of the two rulings in Boise and Grants Pass. Then, we’ll transition into talking about economic and other reasons why “statutes prohibiting sleeping outside” do not really work, even if they are legal, as well as the specific factors in Southern Oregon that led to the creation of its Urban Campground that opened July 27, 2020, in less than 30 days from approval to opening.

We’ll conclude the conversation with nuts-and-bolts of creating and operating an Urban Campground with tips for communities interested in trying something like this in their areas.

Guests Speakers

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