Thank You!

The replay video and handouts for the Stimulus for Homeless 101 Zoom training is now available…

Thank you for registering for Stimulus for Homeless 101. Thank you for helping your unhoused neighbors get their checks and use them to transform their lives!

Replay Video

Click the “play” button below to watch the Zoom training replay video…


Please download your handouts by clicking on the links below…

4 Outreach Strategies – Examples (below)…

1 – One-on-one Case Management 

Medford: Rogue Retreat

Las Vegas: Community Counseling Center

2 – Drop-in Navigation Centers

Ashland: OHRA

3 – Virtual Navigators

Nevada: Opportunity Alliance Nevada

Washington, DC: Financial Stability Network 

4 – Outreach Navigators

Chicago: Heartland Alliance Health Outreach Team 


Searchie makes the Stimulus for Homeless 101 replay video come alive and easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Here’s how Searchie works. First, Hope University has uploaded the Zoom training to the Searchie platform. Second, the video has been transcribed and made searchable by keyword(s). Third, as an attendee of Stimulus for Homeless 101, you simply click on the link below and type in the keyword(s) you would like to find, like “spending plan,” “EIP card” or “special case”. Then, Searchie marks all the places in the video where these keywords occurred and takes you directly to those places in the presentation. Searchie also shows you the transcript of the video. It’s that easy! Try it out for yourself! 

Click Here to Access SEARCHIE for Stimulus for Homeless 101