Stimulus for Homeless 101

1 Hour Recording from National (Stimulus) EIP Registration Day Zoom Training from November 10

Stimulus for Homeless 101… 1 Hour Recording of Zoom Training on National (Stimulus) EIP Registration Day (Nov 10)


Discover how to reach out to homeless neighbors to help them get their U.S. stimulus checks, create spending plans & change their lives.


Click Here to Register | Cost: $49/person



As you know, a 1st round of stimulus checks (Economic Impact Payments or EIP) was approved for many Americans under the CARES Act. That’s the GOOD news. The BAD news is that as many as 12 million low-income individuals, many who are homeless, did not get their checks.

The second GOOD news is that to help those who haven’t gotten their stimulus checks yet, the IRS extended the deadline for registering to November 21. The BAD news is that unfortunately, most homeless in your community do not even know they have money coming or how they can get theirs. More importantly, they don’t know how to leverage their money to change their lives.

In the 1st round, 69% of our homeless at the Warming Center in Grants Pass, Oregon, did not get their 1st stimulus check or even know how to get theirs.

That’s where we came in!

Rogue Retreat staff reached out and helped our homeless neighbors receive over $30,000 in stimulus checks quickly! Even more amazing were the choices they made with spending their money…

WOW! Homeless using their checks to get off the streets!

This is where you come in!

Now, the IRS has extended the deadline for registering for the 1st round of stimulus checks until November 21. You and your community are uniquely positioned to help your homeless get their stimulus checks — like we did — while helping them expand their budgeting skills.

If you are willing to reach out safely to the homeless in your community, don’t miss this unique opportunity!

We’re here to help you, too, on November 10th, the National Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Registration Day.

Pick up your ticket today. Once you register, you will receive logistics for the Zoom call. Together, let’s help our homeless get their checks and use them to transform their lives!

Click Here to Register | Cost: $49/person

In this 1 hour recording of the Zoom training course on National EIP Registration Day (Nov 11) from Hope University, you will learn first-hand about Rogue Retreat’s staff experience during the 1st round of stimulus checks, especially around what works and what doesn’t with your homeless citizens. You will discover…

In this Zoom course, you will receive: