Clean Sweep

Improving the Community Image While Providing Work Opportunities for Our Homeless Neighbors

Medford Downtown Clean Sweep Program

Highlights (2 years)

  • Over 21,000 pounds of trash picked up to-date
  • Average 40-65 pounds of trash picked up per day
  • Over 1,200 volunteer hours donated by 172 homeless
  • 22+ homeless transitioned to employment

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Created as a partnership between the City of Medford and Rogue Retreat in 2018, Clean Sweep is a collaborative cleanup and job readiness program. Participants from the Kelly Shelter, Hope Village, Urban Campground and other Rogue Retreat programs develop healthy work habits and gain valuable employment experience to restore their lives while keeping our streets and community clean!


In the next 2 years, Clean Sweep will expand work opportunities for hundreds of homeless in the Rogue Valley and beyond with a new Job Readiness Program and Clean Sweep 101 course while increasing our cleanup footprint by 200%.


Improving the community image while providing work opportunities for our homeless neighbors

How does Clean Sweep work?

Clean Sweep makes it fun and a blessing to the community and the people doing the work. You may see the crew — with their colorful green vests — of up to 10 homeless volunteers — with a supervisor — hitting the streets each workday morning to cover multiple routes around the Rogue Valley!

Hundreds of our homeless volunteer to sweep and clean sidewalks, alleys, landscaping, parking lots and street gutters around local businesses and throughout our neighborhoods. They pick up an average of 40-65 pounds of trash a day and over 10,000 pounds of trash each year. 

These are people from our homeless community working hard to give back. Many come from the Kelly Shelter, Hope Village, Urban Campground or just from the streets. 

Their reward? Dignity. Job training. 

They also receive a gift card for a couple hours of work and hope… hope that this work can lead to more work through a regular job. 

It is a job training program that starts with our homeless neighbors volunteering their time. Staff work closely with each worker to identify what is needed for them to move forward. It may be simple like identification or a social security card. Or, it may be more involved like a resume, online job applications and referrals.

What local businesses are saying?

“Our company, Henselman Realty & Management LLC, has been blessed by being able to hire Rogue Retreat to conduct weekly cleaning of the exterior for several of our Downtown Medford buildings.

We see this as a win-win enterprise.

For us, it provides a regular cleaning of the sidewalks, landscaping, and alleys around a number of buildings in our downtown. The cost is very reasonable, and it results in lower operating costs to our owners.

The program helps us to present our properties and the downtown area in a clean and neat condition. This enhances the overall experience of our businesses, employees, and the visitors to our downtown.

Having the residents of Medford and guests from outside our town see our downtown in a clean and well-kept condition will enhance the image and appeal of our downtown. Having a clean downtown affects the impressions of those visitors about our community as a whole. 

However, the greatest benefit to this arrangement is the ability, in a small but important way, to be part of helping those in need with a hand up. Not a handout that may be squandered, but a real opportunity to feel a part of our community.

Pride of a job well done, serving the needs of others, and giving back to the community is a way to move forward in a person’s life.

The rewards for the participants of Clean Sweep by Rogue Retreat is so much more than financial for them. It brings values that are going a long way to help a person up and to move forward in their lives.

We are proud to be a part of a solution, one of many Rogue Retreat offers, to help those in hard times to give them dignity, establish self-worth from within and give hope when they may have lost hope. Thank you to Rogue Retreat and the Clean Sweep program for giving us the opportunity to help.”

–Scott Henselman, CPM, Broker/Member, Henselman Realty & Management LLC

3 Ways to Get Involved

#1 Become a Proud Sponsor

Let us clean up cigarette butts, cups, wrappers, non-biodegradables, cardboard, cobwebs and trash left around your business and neighborhood. 

We can come by as often as needed. We can even travel to your neighborhood in our van. 

Supervised by trained and experienced staff, our unhoused neighbors work 2-hour shifts. Each receives a gift card to be used for food and personal items.

Ask for a free “trial” cleanup! There’s no obligation. After your free cleanup, we’ll have a better idea about your unique cleanup needs. You’ll receive a proposal. We’ll discuss the possibility of regular scheduled cleanups!

Contact us today (see “Contact Us” info below).  Ask for a free “trial” cleanup!

#2 Become a BottleDrop Partner

As frequently as necessary, we will come to you and pick up all your cans and bottles. All proceeds collected go directly to helping your homeless neighbors get job training they need to gain employment and housing assistance they need to gain permanent housing.

Contact us today (see “Contact Us” info below). Ask how you, too, can become a BottleDrop partner!

#3 Become a Donation Box Partner

Your customer’s “spare change” can literally change the lives of many of our unhoused neighbors. Donations help more of them get off the streets and into temporary-to-permanent housing. 

Contact us today (see “Contact Us” info below).  Ask how you, too, can become a Donation Box partner!

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